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1:1 Moving With The Moon a 4 week course

Yoga for cyclical living, your cycle, your rythmns, your way

  • 1 hour
  • 120 British pounds
  • Online Session

Service Description

​This is currently a 1:1 offering, arranged over four weeks at a time to suit your cycle - future group dates to be confirmed Moving With The Moon - Yoga for Menstrual Cycle Awareness - a four week course exploring the menstrual cycle alongside the phases of the moon - moving with the moon. Who is this course for? All women, those who menstruate, those who are approaching menopause and trying to navigate a myriad of symptoms or those who are post menopause. Moving with the moon enables women to optimise their cycle and allows a beautiful feminine connection for women post menopause. We begin at new moon, traditionally the time that woman had their monthly menses - this time is linked to winter, your inner winter, a time to go inside, rest, be still, journal, meditate on what has been and gain insights for what will come, as your womb sheds layers, so do you. The waning moon brings Inner Spring, the follicular phase of your cycle, your inner dreams start to bud - time to sow the seeds of your dreams, time to express your true authentic self. The full moon, the peak of your cycle, your ovulatory phase, Inner Summer, time to fertilise your deepest desires. The height of sensuality, what will you use this outwardly focused phase to create. With the waning moon comes Inner Autumn, your luteal phase, time of harvest, often what is experienced as PMS at this phase is 'reaping what you sow' if you don't honour the first stages of the cycle, autumn and the arrival of the inner critic can hit hard. Knowing your cycle, knowing how to move through your cycle can bring profound inner knowing which, when faced with changes, with symptoms of perimenopause, you will be better equipped to navigate them.

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