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Menopause Yoga

Last week I had a great conversation with Tammy Mittel of Real Flow Yoga who led me through my first Yoga Teacher Training Course for Women - Real Flow Yoga’s Well Womb Woman Yoga Teacher Training Course. In this Zoom discussion I chat to Tammy about my approach to managing perimenopause and we discuss the importance of preparation for menopause and the role and benefits of yoga for this.

Topics covered included how the medical system and society as a whole are dogged by the patriarch which feeds into a women’s self identity and role within society when menopausal. We discussed the importance of changing the negative narrative around menopause. Menopause should be revered as a time of great wisdom and insight and so can be experienced as as being a new beginning rather than the end.

I was also able to talk about the range of workshops and retreats I offer that honour the cycles and seasons of womb life. You can find out more about, check out my class and retreat tabs to learn more. A big thanks to Tammy for such a beautiful catch up

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