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To zoom or not to zoom....

We've now been in lock down for a month and I don't know about you but I've grown used to life on the inside. Not just inside the house but taking the opportunity to journey within. Morning meditation has been part of my practice for sometime now but I don't always feel I have the time. But now, many of us have more time than we know what to do with. How are you coping? What's new for you?

Something new for me is teaching yoga via zoom, or on line. At first I was unsure as whether to teach via this medium as I didn't think it was for me. But then I realised that my role in all of this is teacher and if not for me, then for all of you. As we read in the Bodhisattva Prayer for Humanity "May I be a guard for those who need protection, a guide for those on the path" surely my role as yoga teacher is to be there to guard and guide. The yoga asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) are beneficial ways to protect the body against dis-ease and meditation can help guide you inwards.

So, I (wo)manned up, signed up (for zoom) and started to deliver what I hope you, beautiful ones, will need at this time. Even if just a handful of you want to stay in touch via zoom, then it is worth it. We are currently journeying through the Chakra system in the Hatha classes. There are 7 main Chakras (translated from Sanskrit as wheels or spinning discs) in the body which run, along a Chakra 'super highway' the Shushumna from the perineum or end of the coccyx to the crown of the head. Each is associated with an element, each has properties, sounds and a colour. Right now we are all doing what we can to guard against infection in our physical

bodies, washing hands, social distancing etc but we also need to look after our energetic bodies too.

Classes are £6 but if you, like so many people now are unable to work then please get in touch, i'd rather you had yoga than I had payment. Yoga will help us through this, of course we all need to do our bit on the macro and micro scale, but this is my offering to you. Come, join me, tune in and see how it goes. Light a candle, roll out your mat, log in and chill out x

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