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Well Womb Woman Yoga

Ever since completing my first 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in 2018 I've wanted to know more. Rumi once said "Yesterday I was clever, so I changed the World. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself" - I don't profess to be clever or wise but I do have a thirst for knowledge with a primary aim to support all those, male or female, who join me in a yoga practice.

Yoga is an ancient practice, steeped in philosophy, mythology but also patriarchy; a system designed by men, for men. For years I would attend class, trying to make the posture my goal even if the alignment being taught didn't work for my body. It wasn't until I lost my mum (three years ago this week) that I really saw yoga for what it was, a way to turn my attention inward, a way to journey home to myself. As some of you will know this is the point at which I decided to follow the path and undertake my first YTT. But there was still something missing. We learnt about Shiva, the God of Yoga, not so much of his consort Shakti, I immersed myself in the wonderful Bhagavad Gita, the story or Arjuna and his dark night of the soul in which he is counselled by Krishna. What of the women? In terms of the practice, the only cue for women I ever heard was not to do headstand when menstruating. I became curious, and so my journey towards a practice that honoured the female form began.

It is the role of the Yoga teacher to hold space for the class and for me, this means creating a space where women can feel safe enough to feel vulnerable, or to feel empowered enough to spend the class in supported savasana, to move with their own rhythms and flow and to be given the space to shine into their own true nature, the divine feminine. As we come to understand and respect the unique experience of the female life cycle we can truly tap into this creative life force energy, Shakti energy, life giving energy. For too long women have been ashamed of menstruation or seen it as an inconvenience when it's very presence is what brings about all creation, the continuation of life. My hope in offering Well Womb Woman Yoga is to support women live and practice with Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

So, join me as we explore the menstrual cycle over the next four weeks, we will follow the moon phases, 22nd May is a New Moon and this is linked to menstruation so we will start our practice there. Even if you don't have a cycle you can still live by the moon cycle to nurture and make space for the divine power within. It makes total sense to me that we should hold space for women to be, feel, live, breath, explore, rest and step into their true sovereignty

Saturday 23rd May at 8am New Moon - Menstruation

Saturday 30th May at 8am Waxing Moon - Inner Spring

Saturday 6th June at 8am Full Moon - Ovulation

Saturday 13th June at 8am Waning Moon - Inner Autumn

Sunday 14th June at 8am Menopause

Sunday 14th June at 8pm Women's Circle

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