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Womb and Fertility Massage

I was invited to add at catchy title, what do you think? Does Womb and Fertility Massage sound catchy to you? Did it inspire you to read the piece? I will ask you about how inspired you feel again at the end of this blog, but let me tell you, I am so inspired by this new offering.

Womb and Fertility Massage, what is it all about? Who is it for? How can it help? Ok, let me explain.......

The massage is a gentle, non invasive yet deeply moving therapy that works to bring the organs in the pelvic and abdominal areas into alignment, releasing pressure and strengthening the surrounding muscles and ligaments. On a structural level; the womb is realigned, stagnant blood is given space to move, circulation is increased in the womb, ovaries and fallopian tubes, adhesions and scar tissue begin to break down… this improves blood, nerve and lymph flow, allowing a detox, unwind and multilayered relaxation to take place.

When we are in fight or flight mode, our reproductive system is the only part seen as expendable by our bodies. Many women lead busy and stressful lives in constant survival mode hence why many men and women are seeking support with restoring their fertility to it’s optimum. Essentially, Womb & Fertility Massage can be of value to any woman at any point of her life - whether presenting physical womb issues or not. Most women will store life-long emotional baggage in the womb. Restoring balance in seat of your feminine ground, your pelvic bowl, is key to your health.

How can it help? Well it benefits the overall female health system, especially in balancing and regulating the cycle and easing menstrual difficulties. The massage can prepare the body for conception and pregnancy - both natural and assisted pathways. It supports emotional well-being - this is crucial when preparing to conceive a baby and prepare for the rite of passage into motherhood, however, it is equally as important for any woman to move through any disconnection or imbalance in her womb/body health. The massage also brings everything back to its natural state within the pelvic bowl and to promote healthy hormone flow. It can also relieve stress arising from the digestive tract and stomach (where a large part of the immune system resides), encouraging healthy flow and elimination. It can help to regain stability and internal balance postpartum and enables a woman back into a place of harmony within her body.

You might be wondering, what if I am a woman without a womb? The seat of feminine energy is found in the womb space, whether a womb is present or not. If you have had your womb removed, then this treatment can help in your healing process, connecting you back energetically with this space.

A sacred space is provided in which the massage takes place, the experience is both hands on and off, using both massage techniques and reiki energy. The journey is personal to the person receiving it and the needs of the client responded to, there might be guided visualisation, sound therapy, pulsing or rebozo (an ancient Mayan technique with weaved fabric). In my experience it is a beautiful dance between therapist and client, dancing in tune without even knowing the steps. Inspired? Then please get in touch to talk about how this massage might support you.

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